Butt-Cut Veneers are yet another new dimension to veneering by "Natural Veneers" in which the logs are sliced across the annual rings occurring at the ends as opposed to standard quarter cut or crown cut. These veneers when laid out well onto veneer panels give an exotic optical illusion of natural round logs stacked onto each other in a log-yard.

Concentric annual rings

Presenting the most exotic side of concentric growth pattern in decorative wood species.

Stacked Logs Look

when butt veneers from different logs are placed side by side it creates an optical illusion of logs stacked in a log yard.

Multiple placement alternatives

with each butt veneer having unique visuals; it allows multiple placement patterns to derive refined aesthetics.

Eco Friendly

Butt veneers are generally extracted from round logs that are not usable for standard veneering and thus makes it completely eco-friendly.

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