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We have been associated with the brand Natural Veneers for almost 10 years. The brand "Natural veneer by Turakhia" is Transparent, Innovative & Creativity, The team is passionate & dedicated.

Mr. Shankar Mishra
Friends Design Studio (Nagpur)

I am associated with Turakhia from last 18 years. They are more focused on innovating new and exotic veneers for their dealers and interior designers( market).Company is strongly believe in maintaining quality parameters.

Natural Veneers by Turakhia had given rough cut, metalico veneers to industry. Company keeps experimenting for veneer surfaces to give always something new to market.

Mr.Amit Khandhar
Natwood& Co (Mumbai)

Natural veneers by the visionary TURAKHIA brothers have added value, satisfaction & fame to the lives of many including me for a decade.

A Natural product full of quality, innovations & aesthetics have touched many.

It has been a great memorable journey as a channel partner to be a stockiest of such an incredible company.

Mr.Rahul Oswal

Turakhia group is like family to us. They are gem of people.

We truly cherish our relationships with them.

Nobody can beat product range of Turakhia and their truly consistent quality. We hear so much of appreciation on quality and finished look from mouth of designers and end consumers for Turakhia products after applications.

They are god father of veneer industry and has always shown correct direction to veneer industry.

We are blessed to be with them.

Mr. B S Krishna
BhanashankariGlass (Bangalore)

Natural Veneers by Turakhia is a pioneer brand in the veneer industry since the last 25 years. The quality of its products cannot be matched, and its innovation in design excites the world. They are the trend-setters in exclusive veneers. It is our honor to be a part of this legend company.

Harish Asopa
Asopa Decor Pvt Ltd (Kolkata)

“OASIS VENEERS” been into this family since 4 years. As an Entrepreneur I did not know what is “VENEERS”

Painstaking learned the importance of heeding the best business advice I have received from Turakhia

TOPL offers a complete range of solutions on veneers at the fair prices without compromising on quality & standards. In simply form we can say NATURAL VENEERS BY TURAKHIA is an ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF VENEERS .

Mr. KhushalS Jain
Oasis Veneers(Coimbatore)

I have been associated with Turakhia Overseas Pvt Ltd since 1997/1998, Turakhia team has been innovative since then and have been catering to all the needs of designers and enhancing them overtime. And whatever name I have earned in Nashik market is all because of Mr. Dhimant Bhai Turakhia.

Mr. Jitendra Batavia
Plywood Corporation (Nashik)

I have been associated with this wonderful company for more than 13 years.

They are excellent people with ethical approach and good principles. They always adopt fair business practices and are very transparent.

Products they manufacture are 100% defect free and high quality.

Turakhia’s are dead focused on continuous product creation and very innovative in their approach as well.

They are truly market leaders in veneer industry and we always admire them for same.

Mr.Sanjay Jain

Turakhia’s are true leaders in veneer industry.

Brand is most respected among trade and designer fraternity.

We are 100% satisfied working with them and we can vouch on their product quality and creative skill sets

Brand is trustworthy, transparent and collaborative. We work together with company as team members.

We are confident to recommend all products of Turakhia veneers to any consumers, designers and trade partners in India.

I love wood
I love Turakhia.

Mr. Ravi Gupta
Gupta Ply (Chandigarh)

Natural Veneers by Turakhia is a pioneer brand in the veneer industry since the last 25 years. The quality of its products cannot be matched, and its innovation in design excites the world. They are the trend-setters in exclusive veneers. It is our honor to be a part of this legend company.

Harish Asopa
Asopa Decor Pvt Ltd (Kolkata)

NATURAL - a substrate to aesthetics and hence every consumer’s choice!! The Brand does Justice to its name in all aspects!! Its wide range brings mothernature in her real form inside the Living Space.

Today NATURAL ranks among top 5 brands across the globe.

Even in this competitive world of today. NATURAL has emerged out as “LORD OF VENEERS” by crafting masterpieces of unmatched perfection, fine quality and genuine pricing.The Weathered series of Natural Veneers has made a grand ingress into the world market with its exceptionally exclusive fluency!

We feel blessed to have been associated with such a Reputed Brand –Turakhia Natural Veneers & we further wish more rise & shine to the Company.

Mr. Taapas Gupta.
Haribol Traders (Jalandhar)

I Ravinder have been associated with NATURAL VENEERS since 22 years. My journey with them as a dealer has been great.

They are gracious people to work with. Excellent quality, wide range of products, varieties, good services and healthy relationship has always been there motto.

I am happy and honored to be a part of NATURAL VENEERS FAMILY.

Mr. Ravinder Singh Lamba
Ravi Enterprise (Mumbai)

I have been associated with company for more than 20 years now.

They constantly provide with new products. Their R&D Team is excellent.

Product Quality is fantastic.

Company has very good attitude and supportive approach for their channel partners.

We are very happy and satisfied working with company and we recommend all veneer dealers of India to join Turakhia family as well

Mr. Jignesh Turakhia
Veneer Design Studio (Ahmedabad)

We live for Turakhia family and we die for Turakhia family.

We are proud to be associated with Turakhia Company which is so creative, innovation and always ahead of the market.

Over the years, with our hard work and support from company, we have earned good respect and identity in Delhi market.

Company works with fair business policy and is authority in veneer industry.

We have learnt a lot from Turakhia on how we can grow our business multifold in long term by keeping our principles intact and being ethical and fair with everyone.

I am truly thankful from bottom of my heart to whole Turakhia family for being with me.

Mr. RajkumarSinghal
Haryana plywood (Delhi)

Natural veneers has a wide range and variety and we always look forward to better patterns and designs from them. Its a pleasure using their product. All the very best to the entire team. Keep up the good work.

Indrani Dodia
Rajiv Dodia
DSquareGenesis pvt.ltd.

Natural veneers is an incredible product. It offers a vast range of variety. It has been and always will be our first choice in veneers. The finish rendered by this product is outstanding!

I wish Team Natural All d Best for a bright future..!!

Ar. Rajbir Kaur
Studio Red Designs

Amish Bhai, It was an amazing and learning experience to visit your works at Ahmedabad. The creativity with which you people are working surpasses many companies in this field.

Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality, The personal time and attention you gave us is worth a lot of praise.

The manner and ethics in which you brothers are handling your work is remarkable. I wish everyone could be gifted with the kind of culture you people have. We will fondly remember the lovely time spend with your family.

Looking forward to being in creative relationship with you.

Supreet - Vineet Arora
Vineet Arora and Associates
179, Virk Enclave, Wadala Crossing,
Nakoder Road, Jalandhar.

Turakhia veneers offer an availability of endless variety of veneers. This level of bespoke flexibility has helped me to achieve levels of desirability and prestige I wished to achieve for some of the finest homes. It's very important to choose the right surface from the extensive range of materials available. Veneers, are visually warm finishes and add a distinct character with their natural grain and help in attaining the look and feel of natural wood .It gives a timeless look to the space and is used where premium finishes are required.

Monita Patel and Associates

If you hear the term wood veneer and our office instantly think of NATURAL VINEER for its correct price , perfect texture and desired look , it’s time you thought again correct ! Natural veneers are an excellent material choice for many designers and architects , due to their clean look and the variety of colours and styles available.

Ever since I have started my career Natural veneers have always added extra grace to the finish and our designs.

Best wishes
Manish chhaochharia
HV Designs

One day I m sure I ll be mature to appreciate Euro veneers and dyes .. right now I m biggest fan of 2.4 mm oak turakhia veneer and Haro!!

Ar Prerna Aggarwal

The most admirable thing in Natural Veneer is that, they are keep experimenting with new surfaces and textures... Always getting good results with upper applications of the material. Keep producing new and innovative veneer surfaces.

Ar Kunal Shah
Kunal shah & associates

NATURAL - The brand does justice to it's name in all respects. The wide range of Natural veneers inspires us to be more creative with our designs and and at the same time brings mother nature in her real form inside the living space.

Ar. Shiv Dada
Ar. Mohit Chawla
23 DC Architects

We have been using Natural Veneers since years.We have always received quality service, with innovatory patterns and grains. Hope to look forward for more exquisite designs.

Ar. Manmeet Kaur
Ar. Manjinder Singh
Team Newarch

One of the best veeners I hv ever come across...it enhances the outlook of the entire interiors.....

I congratulations & appreciate all the efforts taken by the team of natural veeners & wish the best and exotic veeners from the team .....

Nishant Chadwa

Natural Veneers has created a benchmark through its incredible and fabulous product in the world of design. When we think of veneers the first name clicks the mind is Natural, the brand. They always provide the best quality matetial which gives an amazing finished product. The most satisfactory moment was when I visited the factory and observed the quality of the product!

My heartily good wishes to the entire team of Natural veneers for the never ending success

Ar. Vijay Gajjar
Venus Designs

Over the years, Natural Veneers has become one of our most trusted and relied brand. Their ability to supply the variety to ensure that our needs and timelines are met with their willingness to work together in order to meet our end goal has been kept consistent. This type of service and relationship allows us to call on them as one of our first options when it comes to material, knowing that we will be taken care of in professional and timely manner

Ar. Saji Joseph
Kevin Designs

Natural woods veneers has really helped me attaining that perfect look for bespoke furniture, Stength of the company lies in its sourcing across the globe. I shall highly recommend to check out their veneer collection.

Sidharth Gupta

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