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Cutting Wood for Veneering for Design Pattern of Furniture

Veneer Cutting Methodology

Veneer cutting methodology includes information about widely used flat cut (crown cut or flowery cut veneer) veneering. This section also iterates details about quarter cut veneer (straight grains), rift cut veneering (true straight grain veneer) & traditionally used rotary cut

veneering process.

Techniques of Veneer Joining or Veneer Design and Pattern for Furniture Material

Veneer Joining Techniques

Wood veneer leaves

can be spliced together in varying patterns as per desired surface aesthetics & design language. This section showcase of some standard

veneer patterns

like vertical or

horizontal grain veneer

, group match or book

match look veneer

, panello or

mix match veneer

along with modern and trendsetting style of

parquet veneering

, interno /

plank look veneer


stone pattern veneer

and live tree or whole tree look veneer.
Process of Veneer Enhancing or veneer surface Pattern by Best Veneer Brand

Veneer Enhancing Processes

At Turakhia Natural


we put to use varied techniques and processes to augment and intensify veneer surface aesthetics. Same wood species could be seen in a lot of different lights when viewed through the lens of varied

veneer process

ing techniques to derive appealing wood veneer designs. Some of these known processes includes metallic veneer, rough cut veneer,

thunder & open grain veneer

Process of Veneer Characters or Different Types of Veneers Colours

Veneer Characters

Each wood species being natural material gives different characteristics leaves when sliced and peeled. This section of the encyclopaedia visually displayed some of the widely used wood veneer characters like spalted veneer, flash veneer, antic veneer, rustic veneer, burly or knotty veneer, crack veneer, pomele / crotch / figured veneer. Download this guide to explore all the veneer characters.
Biggest Veneer Range Available in India by Best Venners Brand in India

Biggest Veneer Range Available in India

Being oldest in the industry and known as trendsetter in Indian Veneering market, Turakhia Natural


offers widest range of wood


in variety of designs, placement, sizes and thickness. This section in the veneer encyclopaedia displays a complete range of wood



Furniture veneer

, veneer for wall cladding, ceiling veneer or any other surface, download this guide and explore the possibilities with veneer designs in your space.
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