Natural Veneers By Turakhia

Rough Cut veneers is an international award Interzum: Intelligent material design award 2009- Germany winning product. 'Natural Veneers' is the pioneering company to introduce this type of unique veneering process at the global level. Rough- cut veneer panels are a unique substitute for sawn lumber paneling. Rough- cut veneers are way more eco-friendly and cost efficient in relation to sawn lumber for interiors wherein the rustic look is preferred. This series is now available in wide variety of natural and smoked veneer species.

Interzum 2009:
Intelligent material design award

Rough Cut veneers were first presented at Interzum 2009 in Germany and won award for material design.

First Company in the world

Natural Veneers was the first brand to invent and introduce Rough Cut veneers all over the world.

Eco Friendly

Surface aesthetics created by rough cut veneers are very close to surface aesthetics of sawn lumber. Thus rough cut veneers provide an eco friendly alternative for surfacing needs requiring sawn lumber aesthetics.

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