Natural Veneers By Turakhia

Interno veneers showcases veneering craftsmanship at its best. Unique assortments of veneer strips ranging in widths from 12 mm to 25 mm are placed in mix-n-match patterns to derive a solid wood plank look onto veneer panels. This kind of veneer placement gives widest possible grain variations to surfaces and thus lending uniqueness to interiors.

Multi width veneer strips

Interno veneers showcase the highest degree of handmade craftsmanship as veneers of 12-25mm widths are placed together to present variations occurring in wood grains.

Solid wood planks aesthetic

Interno style placement gives surface aesthetics similar to solid wood planks placed side-by-side.

Widest Possible Grain Variations

First Company to introduce such veneering process at the global level

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