Why natural veneers against artificial substitutes?

Over the years substitutes like plastic, vinyl and paper have come so close in replicating the look of book matched veneers that it has become very difficult for an average consumer to identify the difference between natural and artificial surfaces.

We at Natural Veneers believe in showcasing true naturalness of material like wood. Thus we introduced the concept of Panello (mix-n-match) veneers in the Indian market way back in 2007. With this concept veneered furniture now resembles original solid wood furniture; the way it was done originally when wood was available aplenty.

With advent of Panello (mix-n-match) veneers it became impossible for substitutes to replicate naturalness of veneers that varies from batch to batch. With this fundamental change Natural Veneers have made it easier for an average consumer to identify the difference between natural and artificial surfaces.

Understanding veneered furniture

Veneer is a natural material derived from natural trees (logs). The original purpose of decorative veneer was to reduce the consumption of decorative timber as it is a scarce resource. At no stage of development cycle the purpose of veneer was to provide consistency as provided by artificial surfaces such as paper, vinyl or plastic.

Veneered furniture in its truest sense should replicate the look of solid wood furniture. We at Natural Veneers believe inpresenting veneers in its natural form with all the variations that nature offers. Thus we promote bold concepts in veneer panels such as Panello (mix-n-match), Rough-cut, Cracks, Rustico, Metallico, Feel and others that make the furniture look "natural" and not "artificial"

Vast majority of design and user community of natural veneers tend to appreciate the naturalness in veneers. They do not seek consistency or artificialness in veneers. This is the community we aspire to serve; as beauty of real natural veneers lies in the eyes of this beholder!!

FSC Veneers

We at Natural Veneers are committed to process wood in an environment friendly fashion and thus we extend whole hearted support to sustainable forest management practices. By adhering to strict sustainable forest management practices in purchasing and processing wood, we have gained FSC certification issued by the Forest Stewardship Council (independent, not-for-profit membership organization).

All wood products from FSC-certified sources bear the mark of the FSC. It's your assurance that the wood you're using came from well-managed forests using practices to ensure long-term availability.

To find out more about the FSC, visit their website at www.fsc.org

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